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Invitation to the 4th public seminar of the Global Event College,

30th October till 3rd November 2019, Forum 3, Stuttgart


Parzival-Amfortas 2.0

On the quest for the Grail in the 21st century:

The Wonder of the Human Meeting, the Wound of Egoism, and its healing through the Reversed Cultus


The Global Event College invites you to yet another journey into the 21st century:

It is the question that matters most.

But what is the question that we should ask today and tomorrow?


In medieval legends, knights clashed over personal honor and glory, egos still in the built up. Today we have the wonderful new possibility, given for the first time in human evolution, to use the forces of our independent self to experience the cosmic and human mysteries of the other person. But if we don’t use it positively, it can be reversed to its opposite. Then instead of the soul-and spirit expanding meeting with the other, it becomes a confrontation between egos, and our lower selves takes over, inspiring competition, jealousy, fear and guilt. This can lead to an ever deeper spiralling down into the only war that matters in the future, the war of all against all.


A millenium ago Parzival, after learning true self-knowledge through life’s teachings, could heal the wounded Amfortas, which at that time was possible only to him as Initiate. Today we can heal the wound of egoism if we learn how to work creatively and honestly together. We are the source of the forces of healing, and the art of questioning and answering can become our communal spiritual activity.


Drawing inspiration from the Parzival legend, Rudolf Steiner’s work on the Grail and the Reversed Cultus and from Yeshayahu Ben Aharon’s work on the Reversal in History and the Spiritual Event of our time, the Global Event College faculty will demonstrate its continuous work with the reversed cultus, and invite the participants to participate in its spiritual quest. In artistic performances and exercises, lectures, individual and group work we will encounter the freely given gift of the new Grail Mystery, the Foundation Stone, the betrayals and reversals of this gift throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and its possible resurrection in the community building today.



Including three public lectures by Dr. Yeshayahu Ben Aharon:

Amfortas’ wound and Parzival’s healing

The split being of modern humans and its healing in the individual and the community


Every human being today carries in himself a double nature: wounded Amfortas – aspiring Parzival. But in order to develop the Parzival forces in us, we must have recognized our Amfortas nature. This is not easy at all. For the wound is created in the parts of our bodies and souls, which have been severed from the spiritual world. This separation was necessary to allow us to develop our earthly freedom, which is based in our growing egotism. But the separated parts have become dead and unconscious, and the seat of mighty forces fighting each other, which do not easily show themselves to our self-knowledge. To develop the forces of Parzival would mean to reconnect ourselves anew, but now consciously and livingly, with the real spiritual worlds. Healing comes out of renewing this living connection that was lost in order to make us free. In this way we can begin to heal the wound of separation and egoism.




Wednesday, 30th October

19.30: Opening Evening (open to public)

“Parzival-Amfortas 2.0” – A Performance by the Global Event College


Thursday, 31st October

10.00 – 18.00: day 1 – Faculty presentations, group work, exercises and experiments

19.30: Evening Lecture by Yeshayahu Ben Aharon (open to public): Amfortas’ wound and Parzivals healing, part I


Friday, 1st November

10.00 – 18.00: day 2 – Faculty presentations, group work, exercises and experiments

19.30: Evening Lecture by Yeshayahu Ben Aharon (open to public): Amfortas wound and Parzivals healing, part II


Saturday, 2nd November

10.00 – 18.00: day 3 – Faculty presentations, group work, exercises and experiments

19.30: Presentations from participants


Sunday, 3rd November

10.00 – 11:30: Morning Lecture by Yeshayahu Ben Aharon (open to public): Amfortas wound and Parzivals healing, part III

12:00 – 13.30: Reflections and summary


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Practical Information


Seminar language: English only; public lectures will be translated into German



Seminar, including public lectures, snacks and drinks in short breaks (meals extra, see below):

Up until 20.09.2019: € 350,00

From 21.09.2019: € 390,00

reduced fee for students, interns, persons receiving social welfare: € 200,00


Public lectures with Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon (separate attendance possible)

Thursday, 31st October, 19.30 h, Friday, 1st November, 19.30 h, Sunday, 3rd November, 10.00 h,

Costs per lecture: € 8,- / 6,- senior citizens / 5,- red. / 2,- up to 21 years

Public opening performance is free


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