mandelbulb_5a The Event in Science

“We are increasingly realizing that it is possible that the whole universe may be an open system in a state of continuous becoming. It is also becoming clear that universal entropy (and gravity, its twin sister in classical physics) play not only a subordinate role in the laws of this becoming, but may be understood at last to be integral parts in an open universe. In open systems that constantly receive and exchange energy, information, and formative forces from their environments, entropy is just a register that measures the amount of disorder that a system produces as a byproduct of its self-generation and development. That is, it tells us how much disorder is needed in order to create new order out of fresh chaos. It is therefore not totally unthinkable that the whole universe is just such a “non organic living organism,” and that this is the reason why “matter” everywhere shows signs of life. After all, this matter has been deposited and actualized in and through the forces of the universe. In other words, organic life as we know it on earth may be a local embodiment and actualization of universal becoming. Life is embodied materially in its fullness in the living organism, but really expresses itself everywhere. Then organic life will not be seen any longer as a wild and meaningless violation of the eternal rules of a lifeless, death-full, abstract “matter,” but rather one local expression of universal forces everywhere at work in the cosmos.

This life is present in all material systems, but expressed in different ways that are not fully, nor necessarily, organic. Organic life is life’s embodied and individualized form, located within membranes and skins, and operating in its environment with self-producing “inner” forces. Yet what is inwardly active in the organism is spread all around it as well, not only in its organic environment, but also through the whole earth and cosmos. What if life, intelligence and consciousness are not only embodied in material-organic forms, according to the strategy of individuation, as we know them on earth? What if they operate everywhere as forces and potentials of becoming that stream freely through the whole universe and express themselves in all forms and states of matter, in all forms and states of cosmic evolution? If this turns out to be the case, then the physical world is going to be perceived in the near future, by the physical sciences themselves, as a world suffused and filled with streams of non-organic life. And if indeed in this world humans begin to feel a little more “at home,” it will be a home not closed upon itself as an island in a foreign and hostile cosmos, but an open and light filled home, fully integrated with the real forces of the universe, flowing in and out through its transparent and intelligent membranes, with the tides and ebbs of earthly and cosmic becoming.”  (The Event in Science, History, Philosophy & Art, pp. 40-42)