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The Event and Philosophy

What is thinking? How do human beings create concepts and how are humans formed by thinking? Is there a new creative potential working inside the thought of humanity in our times? Can we reach a reality outside our subjectivity? If so, how does this change the very being of the world and humanity?

We will explore the meeting with the event in and through thinking and look at attempts at thinking the event.   We will do this by discussing elements from contemporary philosophy as they are interpreted and reworked by Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon in the book The Event in Science, History, Philosophy & Art (2011). The spiritualization or virtualization of thinking as it can be found in the work of Deleuze, Guattari and Foucault will lead us to the problem of de-actualization. Can thinking be taken up in new processes of dismemberment and de-personalization that opens it to an encounter with the Outside, thus transforming itself in a creative way into an impersonal thinking which exchanges itself for the old experience of ‘I think’? This event leads us then to consider how the meeting with the Other, moral responsibility and the body as present in the thought of Levinas, Badiou, and Derrida is a necessary counterpart for a healthy expansion of thinking and consciousness. How is our very existence dependent on the other who is there before us?   We will investigate in group work and open discussion the freeing of thinking from its old habits and old forms, in order to allow thinking to recreate itself.  This takes place through the shock of meeting the new in thinking, which can potentize, virtualize or spiritualize thinking.