Art and Event

Can we find a way into artistic work that illuminates the work with the Event? In the day devoted to art we will share ideas that may help us grasp how the event takes place and time in and through works of art, and how artistic experimentation can reveal to us how we are always already in the midst of the event. We will focus on attempts at harnessing the forces at work in and through the sensible in order to raise our awareness and enter the threshold of the event. This will be done by sharing personal experiences of this problem as well as concepts and operations taken from the chapter “The Event in Art” in The Event in Science, History Philosophy & Art by Ben-Aharon. From this work we will see how artistic practise in our time is already asking of us to become with the world. To raise an awareness of this requirement and its difficuties as well as perspectives of the possibilities it harbours, are the aims of our work on art and event.