Ulrich Morgenthaler

UlricUlrich Morgenthaler1h Morgenthaler, 1955, born and grown up in the North of Germany. Experiencing today‘s dominating and fascinating Western way of life during a year as an exchange-student in the USA. Finding entry points into the spirituality of the East through Krishnamurti‘s writings and Transcendental Meditation. Meeting and connecting with Anthroposophy at the age of twenty-one as this life‘s spiritual path.   Pre-seminar year into Waldorf teacher-training. 1977 joining the youth- and cultural centre Forum 3 in Stuttgart and its anthroposophical impulse, combining public spiritual-social work with community-building and personal schooling. Working there, up to today, in institutional self-management, event organisation, social practicioning, facilitation, seminar work and lecturing. Short hints to indicate some of the happenings during these last forty years:. 1984/85 one year at the then existing “Centre for Social Development” in England, based on the anthroposophical ideas of Bernhard Lievegoed, deepening approaches to social work. 1985 marriage. In the late nineties social involvement in civil society in Stuttgart, engagement in the World-Social-Forum-movement and, until 2016, partaking in bringing this impulse to Stuttgart within the Stuttgart-Open-Fair-festivals. 2006 co-founding the Youth-Training-Weeks at Forum 3, for young people and their ways of personal spiritual and social engagement in their lives.

  Knowing and working with Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon for more than twenty years. First through his book „The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century“ and lately through his newest project „From Tragedy to Hope“ receiving orientation for the timely recovery of the impulses of Middle-Europe today. Benefitting greatly from participation in the Global School, founded by him, where he offers a unique and modern integration of spiritual and social training, enabling new ways of community building. Within the Global Event College, also started by him, finding like-minded members collegially striving for the communal event amongst themselves and for others. – Core areas of present spiritual-social work: Striving for and exploring the conditions of the communal event within small groups of dedicated people, to receive, beyond the scope of individual capacity, socially fruitful inspirations for a better future of our humanity and the earth. Exploring, understanding and practicing the ways of pure thinking and pure perception, what lies between and beyond them, to stabalize the personal spiritual path and to support the meeting and cooperation with others, inspired by Rudolf Steiner‘s „Philosophy of Freedom“ and Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon‘s „Cognitive Yoga“.

Aug. 31, 2017