Toril Alex

20150129_214619_resized Claire Toril Alex: A strong Christ experience as well as being a child of the late 60ties colored my life and choices greatly. Artistic creativity, history of ideas/religion and community building. I studied pedagogy and,  for some years, Russian, literature & musical science, then took a B.A. in eurythmy. Early work centred around managing a home-schooling movement in Scandinavia and later humanitarian aid in eastern Europe and Russia, living and travelling extensively there with my family for 4-5 years. Today in the Waldorf school I teach, do artistic productions and board work. Practising in the Global School gave me tools to study within the fields of my interest with modern clear thinking using my individual efforts. In the College my research has been experiments with movement & music, largely based on the chapters on Art and Philosophy from “The Event in Science, History, Philosophy & Art”, striving to encounter the creative source in full consciousness, exploring habitual boundaries to go beyond them, in order to free and extract virtual possibilities. I am also a part of the “Art and Event” initiative in Scandinavia.