Johannes Lauterbach

IMG_4763bJohannes Lauterbach (1962), architect, civil society activist, living in Tuebingen/Germany, coordinator of the Stuttgart Open Fair, an annual civil-society festival linked to the World Social Forum; studied architecture and urban design with a focus on public space and on global urbanisation at Stuttgart University and worked as an architect on public and private buildings, including sustainable and experimental building projects; worked in a cultural centre as program organiser; has been active locally and internationally in the altermondialist movement and the global trade justice movement, worked as educator in political awareness building at a training centre for social workers, organised public conferences and events on globalisation and is active as civil society network coordinator.


“In my work, which focused mostly on creating meeting-spaces for people to come together around their shared values and concerns for “people and planet”, I realised that we are up against something beyond political power structures and economic interests. Since the 1960′s, we witness a shift in human consciousness, which expresses itself in various fields in different ways; in the social-political field we may describe it as the emergence of a global consciousness of “one humanity/one earth”. While this shift gives rise to great hopes for the future development of humanity, it becomes clear that our ability as individuals to operate on this level of a heightened awareness of interconnectedness with other human beings and the planet, is not up to the task. Even on the most basic level, we frequently betray our best intentions. The concept of “reversal” in Yeshayahu Ben Aharons work on the “event in history”, provides a deep understanding of this problem. Through implementing this concept and further research helped by the college-collegium, a de-construction of „social intention“ becomes possible, which directs us to the centre of the social – the real meeting with the Other…“