Hester Renouf

Hester RenoHester Photouf: born in NYC 1936, moved to Mexico 1940 where the folk culture and art played an influential role. Studied in US, Bennington College and majored in dance, graduated 1958. Married 1958 and gave birth to 4 children between 1960 and ’65. Was teaching and choreographing as much as was possible with a family. Through immigrants fleeingthe War in Mexico I met Anthroposophy as a child. Met it again at 19 through my future mother-in-law. Moved to England in 1964 to study Anthroposophy and then worked at the Centre for Social Development where my interest for dance and movement was complemented by movement within social situations. 1985 moved to Sweden and worked as a consultant in the social field in Waldorf schools, in state and community workplaces. I Also hold biography workshops where self knowledge can lead to change in one’s life. Met YBA and his work 1999/2000 and have since been working with his School- and since 2 years, College impulses. Everything I knew from earlier had to be examined and a totally new way of working came forth. I learned that the material for renewal comes directly from everyday life. It is only a matter of using it and not running away to authorities.