Cathy Sims-Oneil

Cathy SimsONeill Cathy Sims-O’Neil, D.O.  is an anthroposophic-osteopathic physician specializing in neurology and research on the autonomic nervous system.  She practiced general anthroposophic medicine in the Boston area for many years before returning to medical school for additional training in neurology, then completed a research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in the disorders of the autonomic nervous system.  Her work in the event college involves discovering where the new science of human physiology can erupt out of the creative stream of becoming, producing embodied knowledge, which continues to evolve and produce questions and a map for pursuit. Here, self-same knowledge, knowledge of the other, and knowledge of the general are born together. Her work in the college begins with a seemingly simple exploration of the phenomena of rest and the human pulse, opening a pandora’s box of infinite depth and discovery.