Carol Bergin

CaroCaroll Bergin, born 1951 in Bradford, UK, lives in Tuebingen/Germany where she works as a eurythmy therapist, biography-counseler and civil-society networker. She also leads a youth-theater-project on globalisation and development. She studied Economics and Business studies at Sheffield Polytech and studied Eurythmy in Nuernberg and Curative Eurythmy in Stuttgart. Since 2000 she has been active in the international trade justice movement, since 2008 she is a member of the organising-team of the Stuttgart Open Fair Festival, which brings the World Social Forum impulse to Stuttgart.

“Inspired by a conference,  with Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon at the end of 1999, a major shift in my social involvement took place:  Meeting socially active people, who stand up for a humane world, gave me an important impulse to overcome the numbness  towards the suffering in the world which had lamed me for a long time.

Some years later, in one brief, shocking moment, again in a seminar with Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon; in explaining the concept of „Reversal“(central to the 2nd chapter of his new book) he spoke of the individual privatisation of everything: ideas, ideals, people, things; the deep and unsettling questions of where do I „use“ the other, what is reversed, whether in professional or private relationships/meetings, my thinking, or my ideals became and remains a constant companion and one which I hope to explore  alongside colleagues  and participants in Stuttgart.”