The GEC is a group of culturally and socially active people from the US, Central Europe, Israel, and Scandinavia working through different centers, cultures, times and places. Since our first meeting in Amherst, Massachusetts in the summer of 2010, the Global Event College has been meeting regularly in Europe and the US. We gave our first presentation to the public in Stuttgart, Germany in the Fall of 2013. Since then the GEC offers a public seminar every second year. The College faculty currently includes:

  • Pam Balmer, family counsellor and trainer, USA
  • Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon, Ph.D, writer, philosopher, social activist, spiritual scientist, Israel/USA
  • Carol Bergin, eurythmy therapist, social activist, Germany/UK
  • Torbjørn Eftestøl, musician, teacher, Norway
  • Alexandra Ivan, eurythmist, Sweden/Hungary
  • Gabriele Kuehne, teacher-trainer, Germany
  • Johannes Lauterbach, architect, social activist, Germany
  • Cathy Sims-O’Neil, physician, USA
  • Scott Hicks, teacher, muscian, writer, US
  • Hester Renouf, dance and choreography teacher, social consultant, Sweden/US
  • Claire Toril Alex, eurythmist and Waldorf teacher, Sweden/Norway
  • Ulrich Morgenthaler, educator, Germany
  • Rigmor Haugen Jensen, teacher, Norway
  • Jeremy Qvick, Anthroposophical lecturer, author and youth leader, Finland