Creating a Global Event College

“But what if matter, ground and existence is nothing solid, fixed, dead forever, but a living and creative event? If this is so, it would mean that “the real stuff” out of which it is all made is the stuff of becoming, evolution, and creative emergence. Entering the event means therefore that we enter the vortex of real and creative life; we are invited to become co-creators in the drama of evolution, and not only detached external spectators.” Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon, The Event in Science, History, Philosophy & Art (2011)

At the centre of the work of the Global Event College stands the Spiritual Event of our time, which is the source of all contemporary creative becoming.

“And if you hear this resounding in your own hearts, my dear friends, then what you will establish here will be a true union of human beings on behalf of Anthroposophia, and will carry the spirit which prevails in radiant thought-light around our dodecahedral stone of love out into the world, where it may shed light and warmth on the progress of human souls and the progress of the world”. Rudolf Steiner, Foundation of the General Anthroposophical Society, Christmas Foundation Conference, 25.12.1923

The Global Event College (GEC) has two interrelated functions, first, to find novel ways to experience and explore the spiritual worlds, and second, to develop the Independent School of Spiritual Science. It aims humbly and honestly, as striving humans in the 21st century, to develop Rudolf Steiner’s esoteric and social impulse, envisioned in founding the general anthroposophical society in the Christmas Foundation Conference 1923-4. This striving is based on the original spiritual scientific research of Dr. Ben-Aharon, published in his books, The New Experience of the Supersensible, The Spiritual Event of the 20th Century, Spiritual Science in the 21st Century, Cognitive Yoga and others. Since the end of last century, this research made it possible to break the deadlock of the 20th century and penetrate consciously to the real supersensible worlds.



Invitation to the 4th public seminar of the Global Event College

30th October till 3rd November 2019, Forum 3, Stuttgart

Parzival-Amfortas 2.0

On the quest for the Grail in the 21st century: The Wonder of the Human Meeting, the Wound of Egoism, and its healing through the Reversed Cultus

The Global Event College invites you to yet another journey into the 21st century: It is the question that matters most. But what is the question that we should ask today and tomorrow?

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